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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PSP go hardware confusion

Here are some interesting points that I read about PSP go on Ars Technica

"Sony is making waves with the PSP Go, although what many gamers are failing to realize is that the ability to buy games online and go purely digital already exists with the product they own. Everyone is talking about the hardware, when the PlayStation Network as a service is the big story... and that already works with your less expensive PSP.

Holding a PSP Go, it's hard not to fall in love with the hardware, or at least develop a little crush on it. The system feels nice and sturdy, with a beautiful screen and clear sound. It feels like what it is: an expensive piece of consumer electronics equipment.

Starting with the launch of the PSP Go, all PSP games will be available both as UMD releases and purely digital downloads. The PSP Go ships with 16GB of storage and no UMD drive, making it seem like the perfect platform for gaming on the go. Of course, so is your existing PSP system. You can download a limited number of UMD games directly to your Pro Duo card right now, and when that number increases all it takes is more storage to take advantage of it. You don't need $250 worth of hardware to go digital: buy a second-hand PSP, slam in a large Pro Duo card, and there you go.

Unfortunately Sony and many pundits have the PSP Go confused with the service that Sony is offering with the PlayStation Network. Your existing model will take advantage of the new digital ecosystem just fine. The value of these moves for Sony is a more direct line to consumers with both games and content, and downloads that can't be traded in or bought used.

Sony is going to be delivering great content, online, bypassing retail completely if you decide to download your games.Sony's strategy is a clear movement to a purely digital platform"

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