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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sony PSP domination in Japan

Sony’s PSP is having a bit of a resurgence it would seem, with the news that they are topping the Japanese hardware sales each week.

Selling 58,861 consoles last week, PSP has beaten Nintendo’s DS with 48,884 sales, which has just edged ahead of its big brother, the Wii with 48,480 sales.

According to reports, these latest sales figure show PSP has sold almost 2 million (1,964,461 to be precise) units in total in the first six months – not bad for a console that even developers were leaving in favour of other formats.

This figure confirms that Sony’s handheld is now by far the biggest selling console in Japan this year in terms of sales figures.

The question is, will Sony be able to improve in the rest of the world, and tempt the developers back to the format?


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