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Monday, April 13, 2009

Patapon 2 to be UMD free

The new sequel of the Patapon 2 will not be shipped on UMD. Instead, the game will be available via the PlayStation Network for $15 and it will also be sold in retail stores.The PSP cases will be empty, with a voucher for the download inside. If you purchase the product at retail, it will be $19.99. You'll also be able to purchase the download code via the web sites of certain retailers.You'll buy a code that let you download the game. There will be no UMD, physical copy of the game available.

This move by Sony allows them to sell directly to consumers, there is no product that you can resell, and retailers are selling physical cases with download codes for $5 more than the pure digital product.

Patapon is good title to use as a test. It has many fans, who may be more willing than an action game fan to try this new system. It's not a huge title in Sony's lineup, meaning the company doesn't stand to lose a huge amount of money if the gamble doesn't pay off.

This could very easily be the first shot in the battle to move even closer to a more digital future, and an industry where you can't resell or even rent games.

I would not buy the download version even if it's 5$ cheaper.It's better to have the UMD version so I can swap it with a friend or even resell it when I complete it. What do you think? Download version or not?


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous how to fix a psp said...

However did you find this out? and is it nescessary to remove the UMD and that infast the Memory stick


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