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Saturday, August 01, 2009

PSP Manga Downloads Announced

I’ve mentioned having manga on PSP before.

Today Sony announced that they will begin to offer comic strips available for download over the PlayStation Network for PSP owners. There has not yet been any official news as to what the cost will be, or which comics will be available, just the mention that it's coming later this year. At first this will only be available in Japan, but we believe this access will eventually be brought over to the U.S. PSN store as well.

According to PlayStation Japan , manga will be available for download through the PlayStation Store in Japan by the end of 2009. The manga will utilize the full screen of the PSP, and be compatible with all versions, including the PSP Go.

The American and European divisions of Sony have yet to announce similar plans. This might add to the incentive to buy a PSP or dust yours off if you’re into manga, especially if they’re offered in both English and Japanese.

Would you pay for manga downloads to the PSP? Or would they have to be free?

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