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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How recover bricked slim psp

Brick means that your PSP cannot boot up even if you on the power switch, renders your PSP useless like a piece of brick.

So if your PSP cannot boot up, you can still recover.

1) When you choose USB Connection and discovered that there are 3 folders with weird names instead of your normal ISO folders and stuff, don't delete them. Once Deleted, you will encounter red screen and your PSP will not be able to boot up.

2) Once such incident happen, total reset your psp and hold R1 till the configuration page is up. Then from the menu, choose reset.

3) If you already bricked your PSP Slim,PSP slim can be recovered. However you need to buy with Pandora Battery and Pandora Memory Stick to recover back your PSP Slim.

4) One special point to note, when you use Pandora's battery and memory stick to recover, when your PSP boots up, no words will appear as display drivers different(words appear on Fat PSP) so you just press X and wait. Then the recovery starts and you will see the WiFi and Harddisk light flash. Once recovery finish it will off your PSP automatically. It will revert your version back to 1.50 though so you need to re up grade again.

5) PSP Slim's battery cannot be used as pandora. Only Fat PSP one's can. As for how to mod pandora battery and memory stick using Fat PSP, you need to do your own research as it is abit complicated. Bricking also happens if you do software upgrade or downgrade wrongly.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Manuel said...

I wanna know if mine is just bricked since since it just lights the green light for a few seconds then turns off the screen just doesn't turn on but it does when using pandora battery but does not show nothing...will appreciate any answer.


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