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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sony Blu-ray to PSP

Sony kicked off its CES conference today with some big news highlighting several planned BD-Live interactive features coming to Blu-ray in 2008. During an interactive demo on the show floor, Sony revealed a series of interactive features currently planned for the BD-Live networking capabilities.

The first feature previewed was one that would allow viewers to send ringtones to their personal mobile phones, including content from the movie itself. Viewers could extract lines of dialogue from the movie or other audio clips.

More excitingly revealed was that Sony is planning select Blu-ray titles that will include a version of the film encoded for the PSP, thus making the film portable. However, Sony didn't announce a planned release date or titles that will include this new feature.

Sony's attempt to create a new format with UMD never worked out, but their efforts with Blu-ray have been more than commendable. With the HD format wars looking clearly in their favor, it's great to see that even PSP owners will be able to benefit from Sony's next-gen disc medium. We can't wait to take advantage of BD Live.


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