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Monday, December 04, 2006

Developments In Video And Movies In The PSP

Most PSP owners get very excited and interested to hear all about the latest in new movies, music and entertainment options for their PSPs.

Indeed the truth is that new exciting things are happening all the time that impact on PSPs and on increasing their value and enjoyment to users. Here it is important to note that Sony's software or Sony approved software is not the only toolset for getting music or movies onto a PSP. A huge cottage industry has grown rapidly around offering useful tools for converting and copying files for PSP use.

Some popular alternatives that have emerged in recent times include PSP Movie Creator, PSP Video Express, Xcopy and Media Boss, to name a few. All of them have something in common. And that is they greatly simplify the task of converting and transferring files to and from PSP's Memory stick. There are also FOSS programs like Ffmpeg which can be used to convert video into a properly sized and formatted video file. What this means is that with the use of these tools, virtually any digital video file can be played on a PSP. This even includes movie files ripped from DVDs or digital video recorders like the TiVo. This is made possible after conversion to AVC.

There is no doubt that the PSP market is huge because there are now many movies, including pirated ones that have been encoded for the PSP market and are widely available all over the World Wide Web. Game and movie trailers are also fairly common these days.

However the dangerous thing here is that it has made many PSP users vulnerable to viruses and malicious code which a user can easily unknowingly and unsuspectingly download into their PSP unit.For this reason it is always advisable not to download anything for a site that you are not familiar with. Users should be especially careful about sites that seem to offer almost too good to be true movie download offers.

PSP users need to be especially careful of the multitudes of different unofficial sites that have emerged offering all sorts of useful stuff for PSP users. Most of these sites have proved to be very helpful, useful and resourceful to PSP users and have greatly helped in helping users to increase on their enjoyment of the PSP. Many have helped solve problems related to the conversion of movie formats for many PSP users. It is really sad that the bad guys always choose to hide where the good guys are.


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