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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The PSP And movies

One of the great things the Sony PSP has going for it is its’ ability to play movies showing great picture quality and sound. What it means watching a movie on a PSP is that one can watch a movie on the go and from anywhere at any times. This is a very attractive preposition for most people.

Probably even more attractive is the prospect of being able to watch a movie in slices and bits as you go around doing other errands. For movie buffs this is great and similar in a way to the situation where chocolate lovers like to take their chocolate bars bit by bit over a longer period of time fully enjoying and taking in every delicious moment in bits her and bits there while savoring every mouth-watering moment of the whole culinary experience. Watching movies on the go would not be so different an experience for many movie buffs. It also means that one can squeeze in many more movies into their day.

The favored format for movies in the PSP is the UMD format. The UMD has relatively large storage space (1.8 gigabytes) and when combined wth the large PSP display screen, it makes the PSP an ideal tool for watching movies. A number of movie studios like Disney, Warner Bros. Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Lions gate Entertainment, Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures and Anchor Bay Entertainment amongst others have released movies in UMD format. The format sells at more or less the same price that DVDs usually go for. Although some movie companies have recently stopped releasing movies in the UMD format for PSPs there is no doubt that the future belongs to UMD format movies.

So popular and huge is the PSP market that many movies, both free-to-distribute and pirated have been encoded for the PSP and are widely available all over the World Wide Web. Game and movie trailers are also now widely available.

Movies can also be saved and enjoyed on a memory stick. A hundred minute feature film can easily fit into a 256 MB memory stick while a 512 MB Memory stick can carry several episodes of a favorite 30 minute TV show. The only problem is that there is hardly any comparison between UMD format movies and movies viewed from a memory stick. The latter is of a much lower quality because the format does not allow for as much detail as the UMD format.



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