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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Xmas PSP Bundle

During a meeting with analysts, Sony said that it would be offering a new PSP bundle, which includes the system itself, a UMD movie, a game and a 1GB memory stick.

While the movie title is unkown at the time, the game that will be packaged with the new bundle will be ATV Offroad Fury, which is also now a PSP Greatest Hits title

Sony didn’t reveal the pricing of the pack, although it did introduce the PSP Giga Pack last year for $299, which was essentially a PSP Value Pack with a 1GB memory stick instead of the standard 32MB.

While this bundle may be able to help the PSP compete with the $129 Nintendo DS Lite, SCEE president, David Reeves has stated

“There are no current plans to cut the price of PSP before Christmas. You might see, as you do in the trade, value-adding offerings. In our minds it’s doing very well and we’re very happy with the performance. I think next year you’ll see it go to a much higher level.”

If you are planing to buy a PSP console wait till Xmas !!!!!


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