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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sony PSP 3000 Hannah Montana Edition

While surfing for christmas shopping at Ebay UK I found this PSP deal. It's a brand new PSP 3000 Hannah Montana edition and comes with "rock out the snow game",strap and pouch. This PSP costs £94.99 with free shipping to UK. I believe it's a great deal and would be a perfect gift for girl or boys if you don't mind the lilac color.The PSP Hannah Montana is sold by "Buy United Kingdom" seller on Ebay UK and can be found here

Here is the description from Ebay

Sony PSP Slim  Lite 3000
In addition to offering the functionality and ergonomics of Slim & Lite the quality of the LCD screen of the Sony PSP 3000 Slim & Lite has been improved to offer higher image quality with more definition when outside in natural light.
The PSP 3000 also includes a built-in microphone, maximising the communication features of products such as Go! Messenger and Skype.
The Game: Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show
Design and star in the show in the new Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show videogame. Travel to seven amazing locations around the world and customise your concerts. Design each performance including dance routines, stage sets and special effects. Create a custom show in each city you visit and rock the stage for your fans!

Special Edition Bundle including Sony PSP 3000 Lilac - Rock out the Show Hannah Montana Game - Pouch - Strap

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