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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sony Corp. sold 466,716 PlayStation 3 game consoles in Japan by the end of last month, less than half of its shipment target and of sales of Nintendo Co.'s rival Wii console, video game magazine publisher Enterbrain said on Tuesday.

Enterbrain said Nintendo sold 989,118 Wii units despite a launch date about three weeks later than the PS3 in Japan. Nintendo introduced the Wii in Japan on December 2 and had a target of shipping 1 million units in that market by year end.

Sony said earlier this week that it met its goal of shipping 1 million PS3 units to North America since its launch there on November 17, but did so by diverting units from Japan.

The electronics maker did not say whether it met its goal of shipping 2 million units combined in the North America and Japan markets by year-end. The Enterbrain data suggests that it probably missed its target.

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