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Monday, August 21, 2006

Pink sony psp model

Set for release on October 27 in Europe only, the Pink PSP Value Pack will cost 229 dollars, or 169 pounds. Anyone picking up the pack will gain access to exclusive P!nk-related downloads, courtesy of Sony's service.If it's justification you want, then Sony's Stephane Hareau, PSP senior brand manager, noted that "Our collaboration with Pink will reflect the shared values between the artist, PlayStation and all the young women with freedom, confidence and attitude. The exclusive and exciting P!nk content made available in this Limited Edition will let young women discover the entertainment potential of PSP beyond gaming. PSP is not exclusively for men, there is a PSP for everyone, and whoever you are, PSP can fit into your life."
The the Pink Value Pack will include white headphones and a remote, a pouch, a wrist strap, and a 32MB Memory Stick Duo

It's fun to have Pink PSP version if you are a lady. If you are a boy get the classic black version it's cheaper and l33t ;)

If you scroll down at the bottom of the page you will see the best deals for Sony PSP
The black version costs 197$ Why spend 293$ for a pink PSP?

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