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Monday, May 29, 2006

PSP FIFA World Cup 2006

EA has announced that 2006 FIFA World Cup Soccer will be coming to the PSP in April. The game,which is set at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany in June, features twelve official stadiums and stadiums from each qualifying region. Players will be able to choose from 127 different national teams. The game also offers several different game modes including the World Cup. The game will offer a Global Challenge mode that allows fans to recreate moments from the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Rating: E (Everyone)
The World Cup is an event like no other -- a global soccer tournament that comes along once every four years.
Germany plays host to the 2006 World Cup, which kicks off in June. But footie fans can run through the tournament now with "2006 FIFA World Cup" for the PSP, which does a solid job at capturing the raucous over-the-top atmosphere surrounding the world's most-watched sporting spectacle.

"2006 FIFA World Cup" brings some cool enhancements. For starters, the ball moves much more realistically and it's much harder to just take one player -- even one of your marquee star players -- all the way down the field past a posse of defenders. Plus, you'll find far more of the world's teams --125 national squads donning their new uniforms -- to play with.
But this soccer title is still not as spectacular as it could be. The on-field action still looks a bit choppy at times, and the visuals could use more tweaks. Players' faces look good, especially those who have had their visages digitized, but they all look like they have shoulder pads on under their jerseys.


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