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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Convert Sony PSP pictures

Before you add your photos in your PSP you have to edit them. The Sony psp console resolution is limited so you have to convert your images.
You have to resize them to 320 X 240.You have to convert your images to that size because PSP can't display bigger images
and you will also save space from your Memory card. Download Picasa, it's a free graphic application, fast and easy to use,
1)First download Picasa (it's free!!)
2)Open Picasa and select the folder that contains your pictures that you are going to resize
3)Select the pictures that you want
4)Click "File menu" and then click on "Export Picture to Folder..."
5)In the Export to Folder Window type the following
Location of exported folder: c:Name of exported folder: Type a name that will help you identify the group of pictures you will resize
Image Size options: type 320 X 240 in older picasa version height will be adjusted proportionally
Image Quality: Just leave the default setting as it is. But you can test and find the best Jpeg settings percentage that fits your needs
6) Finally click OK. Picasa will generate the resized pictures.
If you don't know how to store your photos into your PSP read How to transfer photos to PSP article.


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