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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My PSP LCD screen is dim

You may or may not need a new LCD screen if the LCD screen is dim.First try to adjust their brightness and contrast. If your LCD screen is still dim, then you may have a faulty backlight or a faulty low AC power wich can generaly cause problems in the whole PSP system. The backlight is basically the light bulb in the PSP LCD screen which has an average useful life just like a light bulb of a projector.Also check your AC power and your batteries because the PSP screen uses a lot of your battery power...maybe is time to recharge them.

You can get a PSP monitor for PSP 300  A friend had a PSP monitor with dead pixels and we managed to replace it. This monitor is high quality and has great colors.

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At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Rae said...

Is there any ways i could change it?
If there is,what are the steps? If you have and video to show it,that will be great. Thanks a million bro


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